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1 to 1 Marketing


Personalized Marketing

1 to 1 personalization is a great way to stand out from the competition. Using variable print imaging, we can personalize a unique message to each client by printing their name as many times in your message as you want or on a nice promotional or gift item.  We can even print the name in a picture like a glass of beer! (see below)


 You can use this strategy on all types of your marketing collateral including:

Promotional Products

Letters, Statements, Catalogs





Direct Mail

Anything that can be printed


Another cool strategy is placing names within picture images.Variable imaging on a beer glass


PS:   Do you want to collect information on current or potential clients? We can also add personalized url’s (PURLs) so that each recipient has their “own” web personalized landing page to get to where they can answer questions or give you additional information.  We can even download that information and print it in any format you wish.  For example, say you are a financial planner and want information about your potential clients financials.  We can personalize the land page to gather all the information you need then print it out into a personalized format… Call or contact us today to see how we can help you with your marketing strategy and grow your business through direct mail, one to one marketing and personalized URL’s