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Apparel Decorating Methods

Apparel Embroidery

A popular choice for chest and bicep decoration, embroidery is an elegant method to brand your apparel.


Apparel Deboss

Using a die that is heat-pressed into the material to create a 3-D effect, deboss is ideal for waterproof and other technical fabrics while offering unlimited washability.


Apparel Mixed Media

Combining two decoration methods, Mixed Media creates a high-impact look that uses laser beneath an embroidery or transfer overlay.


Apparel Laser

Applicable at virtually any apparel location – even over zippers and seams – laser produces a permanent tone-on-tone look that’s ideal for technical fabrics.


True Edge™ Transfer

Capable of reproducing freestanding text as small as 8 point, True Edge™ Transfer utilizes a four-color or spot-color process to provide superior clarity on apparel.



Our exclusive inFusion decorating method seamlessly melds logos with the fabric, producing a razor-sharp image that’s undetectable to the touch.