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Can I supply Eagle Artwork?

Though our graphics department can handle any art needs you require, we encourage you to supply your own artwork.  




We ask that you meet the following criteria so that there are no issues or additional work later in the process:

  • Final art should be a high-resolution pdf at minimum 300 dpi in cmyk color format
  • Hi-res pdf should include printer’s marks (crops and registration marks)
  • If text and/or graphics touch the trim edge, it should bleed beyond by .125 inch
  • If text and/or graphics do not extend to the trim edge, include a white inside margin of at least .125 inch
  • If supplying original art files, Adobe CC (or earlier versions) are acceptable: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Supplied original art files should be packaged with all fonts and all placed/imported images
  • If not packaged, all imported images must be embedded in the layout document
  • All embedded images (eps, jpg, tiff, bmp, psd) must be hi-resolution (at least 300 dpi); lower resolution may result in poor print quality 
  • Microsoft Word files and PowerPoint slide presentations can be supplied to us for text only, and will require some production work to convert and/or rebuild for print industry
  • Art created with other non-graphics software such as Microsoft Publisher is not acceptable for print and will require production to reformat or recreate
  • Bitmapped art created with Corel Paint should be saved as a hi-res pdf ­ following above specs.
  • If you create art using Corel Draw please save as a pdf or vector eps and follow noted above specs.
  • If not supplying fonts to us, all fonts should be outlined to prevent font conflicts (or rasterized if using Photoshop)
  • Email the Eagle Graphics Dept. if you have questions about preparing you art files: Graphics@eagle411.com
  • More information can be found at: Artwork Guidelines