Case Study: Uniforms and Safety Equipment

Strategic Sanitation Polos

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Client: Strategic Sanitation Services, headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, provides specialized waste control, recycling, and other services for condominium HOAs and apartment communities.

Strategic Sanitation approached Eagle to organize and streamline their uniforms ordering process for their staff of about 60 employees. We collaborated with the executive team to strategize, source, design, and produce uniforms and safety equipment printed with the company’s “S3” logo and “Strategic” business name. Using our Eagle Order Portal (EOP), we provided an efficient system for them to manage orders and inventory.

We designed branded button-downs, windbreakers, and polo shirts in complementary shades of blue to provide distinct looks for the team’s service technicians, office employees, managers, customer service, and office administrators. We also created branded baseball caps and safety gear to outfit the service team. Every worker receives replacement shirts every few months as well, since they always want to maintain a crisp, professional look. When it’s time to order again, Strategic Sanitation can submit orders through the EOP when it’s convenient for them.

As a result of these uniforms, Strategic Sanitation has successfully differentiated themselves from their competition, standing out with professionalism and consistency.

Check out this video from Strategic Sanitation to see our work in action:

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