Get a Head Start on Your 2023 Marketing Plan

Branding and marketing planning are crucial for the success of any business. The 2023 trade show season is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning how you can effectively brand and market your business in the coming year.  Here are some helpful tips from the experts at Eagle Print Dynamics on how […]

7 Ways to Thank Your Employees

The success of any company is based on the strength of its workforce. In this season of gratitude, there is no better time to turn your thoughts toward employee appreciation, which many business experts say is a key factor in employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Accelerate Your Employee Appreciation Although a comprehensive discussion of effective […]

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Business Associates

It’s November! This means you have less than two months remaining for holiday gift planning. We hope that by now, you have ordered all (or most) your client, employee, and vendor gifts for 2022, so they will be delivered and welcomed right on time! But just in case you delayed too long or left a […]

2022 Vendor Expo in Review: What You Saw

For the first time in three years, Eagle presented its 23rd Marketing and Branding Expo in Anaheim on August 11. The entire Eagle team had a wonderful day reconnecting with vendors, customers, and others after a far-too-long absence. The event welcomed nearly 200 clients and prospective customers—which was a promising turnout for the first, post-pandemic […]

Your Guide to Employee Gifting this Holiday Season

Every day, the success of your business depends upon your valued employees, from entry-level to executives, doing their jobs well. Research shows that employees who feel appreciated are generally more productive, engaged, and more likely to stay with the same employer—which is of primary importance in these current times, when recruiting and retaining good people […]

Custom and Trending Gift Sets Perfect for the Holidays

Now that fall has arrived, most people are starting to think about their holiday shopping lists for family and friends. In the business world, however, corporate gift-giving brainstorming has already been in progress for several months. How far along are you? With ongoing product shortages and supply-chain issues, the time to select, customize, and order […]

Highlight on Eagle’s Core Values: Passion

At Eagle Print Dynamics, every employee from leadership to the warehouse is held to the guidance of three essential core values: a commitment to unshakable ethics, rock-solid dependability, and passion for delivering results to our customers. In previous months, we shared how Eagle Print demonstrates the principles of Ethics and Dependability. This article pulls back […]

Foster Office Creativity and Culture with Branded Items

Branded merchandise is more valuable than you think—cultivating a positive, thriving, and creative culture is one of many ways you can hire and retain satisfied employees. Branded merchandise is shown to increase morale, bolster productivity, and bring a sense of togetherness. In this post, the Eagle team selects several of its favorite promotional items to […]

Branding Your Business with Eagle Print Dynamics

If you’re looking for the best way to boost your company’s marketing impact and get your brand noticed, make sure to include promotional products in your organization’s strategy. This article tells you why and offers recommendations on trending products to optimize your brand visibility in 2022. Why Brand Your Business? Branded promotional products, especially practical […]

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