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Custom Labels with No Die Charge? Wait… What?

I Love Technology!

I have to tell you, in this environment of at times, too much technology that sucks our time and brains, of always being on our smart phones, even in the middle of a ballgame, there are some technologies that are so very cool and actually help businesses.  A while ago, digital labels came into existence but for any custom shape, you needed to purchase a $ 200 plus custom die to make that shape on the roll and more special the shape was, the higher the price.  Well no more!  Now you can get the custom shape label you want using digital printing and the magic of laser cutting. 

You can print your company logo, a state in the US or country in the world or one of your products.  Using laser cutting technology along with digital printing, your ideas can come to life.  The possibilities are endless. 

Take a look at our video and see “magic” in action  


Now that is cool!  Using laser technology your labels can be die cut into any shape you can image.