Eagle Print Dynamics Acquires Kingsbury Uniforms

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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA—Custom print solutions provider Eagle Print Dynamics has announced the acquisition of Kingsbury Uniforms, a Torrance-based manufacturer of custom uniforms and branded apparel. The combined company brings together Eagle’s custom design and print capabilities and Kingsbury’s tenure in customized uniforms.

Eagle Vice President of Sales Andrew Carte says the integration of the two businesses will provide customers with a seamless service experience. “People could outsource everything and have to work with a handful of vendors, or they can come to us, where we understand their company, its unique needs, and branding,” he says.

Carte explains that expanding the scale of what it can do in-house has been a key component of the growth strategy for Eagle Print Dynamics for decades. The company began in 1971 as a forms and label printing business. As printing technology changed, Eagle’s business evolved into new areas, bringing promotional products and complete creative services under one roof.

Similarly, Kingsbury Uniforms evolved with the rapid growth of retail grocery and casino gaming, bringing centralized-management systems, visual estimates, and an online customer portal to the lineup. “Kingsbury’s similar desire to give customers the most seamless and service-oriented experience was an early indicator that we were a great match, especially their online portal” Carte says.

“Not long ago we launched our online platform, the Eagle Ordering Portal, to drop as many barriers as possible between the customer and the service they’re after,” Carte explains. “The acquisition of Kingsbury takes that idea to an entirely new scale. Now, customers who come to us looking for a large volume of garments can stay under one roof.”

Kingsbury Uniforms impressed the executives at Eagle Print Dynamics as the ideal match for their vision. “The team at Kingsbury has built a great, high-quality operation,” Carte explains. “Their expertise will bring a lot to our service offering.”

The two companies have been in discussions about a potential acquisition for some time. “In our conversations, it quickly became obvious that we would be better off as a combined business,” Carte says. The Kingsbury team shared Eagle’s service-oriented philosophy. “It’s a natural fit,” Carte says. “We’re all interested in delivering the right product, at the right time, with a quick and friendly response. This transaction makes those things more accessible to customers all around the world.”

Taking Customization to the Next Level

Eagle Print Dynamics has created tens of thousands customized pieces for hundreds of customers over the past few decades. Most importantly, this acquisition will open the door to higher volumes. “The minimum for custom-sewn garment orders is typically 1,000 to 3,000 units, which takes a specialized facility to handle efficiently. Our current customers already trust us with their orders, but we’re always discovering ways to expand ourselves as the one-stop-shop for them,” Carte says

“Previously, we purchased ready-made garments that could be printed on or embroidered. Now, the clothing item itself will be sewn, with customers choosing the print, color, pattern, and material of their liking.”

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About Eagle Print Dynamics: A Family Printing Business

Eagle Print Dynamics has always stayed above the ever-changing nature of the printing and promotional industry. With each era, marketing and digital software evolves, but a relentless commitment to customer service and a positive family-centered culture stays the same. Whether it be uniforms, recognitions, office materials, swag, or warehousing and fulfillment, Eagle Print Dynamics will be your guide and partner in bringing your vision to life.

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