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Upload a File

You can send us graphics and/or data files via email or FTP. Contact your account manager directly for special questions on sending a file.

The First Step

Place all your artwork files into one new folder on your computer. Name that folder your Company name.

To Send via FTP

This method works best on files more than 5 MB. Compress your folder with a compression utility such as Stuffit or WinZip. Login to our server using FTP software at: FTP://FTP.Eagle411.com/ and enter the username and password. Contact your account manager if you do not have this info. Upload your compressed folder.

Notify your Account Manager that it has been updated and is ready to be retrieved so we can meet any project deadlines. If you do not have a contact name, send an email to Graphics@Eagle411.com. Please include your contact info such as company name, phone number and/or purchase order number in your email correspondences.

To Send via EMAIL

This method works best on files less than 5 MB. Compress your folder with a compression utility such as Stuffit or WinZip. Please remember that many email servers limit the size of an attachment, so limit your attachment to less than 5 MB.

Send your file directly to your account manager. Be sure to include your contact information, a PDF proof, original graphic files and special instructions in the body of your email.

To Send via MAIL

Label your CD/DVD with your company name. Send your disk along with a print of your job to your account manager. Your account manager will help coordinate all of your graphics for the production of an order.

If you require additional info on our graphics capabilities, our creative team can be reached at Graphics@Eagle411.com, 714-978-2200 x119 or via mail at Eagle Print Dynamics, Attention: Graphics Department, 600 City Parkway West, Suite 600, Orange, CA 92868.