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Document Security

Today is NOT the time to ignore document protection. Companies lose more than $600 billion to fraud each year with counterfeiting, and document fraud making up more than two-thirds of that. And fraud continues to grow as advancements in technology make it easier to commit.

Protect your documents from counterfeiting, forgery and unauthorized copying. These criminal acts have stretched beyond currency and checks. Our mission is to provide cost effective security methodologies that are extremely difficult to replicate or reverse engineer but also allow for easy verification of authenticity.

Slow down document fraud with new technologies that easily verify the document as original. Too often the untrained person accepting the document overlooks the not so obvious, covert or complex security features. We conclude that while these security features are useful, they are not always effective without layering with newer technologies.

Eagle Print Dynamics is a leader in security in developing anti-fraud document security features by using the following criteria:

Identification of Authenticity

Primary technologies should allow easy verification of the original without the necessity of additional verification devices. Secondary higher end technologies should be used if the document is utilized in a controlled environment in which the person accepting the document is trained to observe the technologies.

Reproduction Difficulty

The technology should be extremely difficult to replicate, defeat or reverse engineer.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of protecting technology should not exceed the perceived risk.

Here are several documents you should consider protecting:

  • Checks (you must protect your checks!)
  • Financial Reports
  • Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Transcripts and School Records
  • Prescriptions and Medical Records
  • Rebates, Coupons and Gift Certificates
  • Documents of Value
  • Technical Manuals