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Tag yellow-tagIf it needs to be tagged, Eagle Print Dynamics has your answer. We have stock tags in standard sizes and colors and custom printed tags in every size, color and finish you can imagine. Stock tags include inventory tags, merchandise tags, red sale tags, wired tags, price tags and guns. 

Custom printed tags can be done for your business whether they are for travel, luggage, bags, products, hang tags, nametags, service or security. We can custom print anything you need including NCR, numbering, bar codes, perforations and Tyvek® material for outdoor use.  Uses include parking for hotels, fire extinguisher check tags, travel companies and many others uses.


Blank and Custom Printed Tags


  • 14 Standard Color Stocks

    • Manila, White, Yellow, Light Blue, Red, Dark Blue, Light Green, Brown, Ivory, Lavender, Salmon, Gray
    • Fluorescent Colors: Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Chartreuse, Blue, Purple)
    • 8, 10, 12 13, 15 pt (depending on material choice)
    • CSU  (Uncoated)
    • Coated
    • Tyvek
    • Multi-Part (2, 3, 4 Part Carbonless)
    • Plastic
    • Metal
    • RFID (Radio Frequency ID Tags)
    • Self-Laminating
    • Dual Web – a tag combined with another product such as a form to create more productive and simplified tag/form combination 
    • Click Here to learn more about tag materials 


  • Finishing Styles

    • Elastic String
    • Looped String
    • Knotted String
    • Double Wire
    • Diamond Deadlock
    • Fiber Patched
    • Metal Eyelets
    • Perforations
    • Numbering
    • Bar Coding


Contact Eagle today for more information on tags, receive a sample or place an order.  Los Angeles/Orange County 714.978.2200 or San Diego/Riverside/Imperial 858.505.0700 or E-Mail us.