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The handwriting is on the … label



Handwriting on labels can be a sticky business…



Labels are sometimes written on by hand in many circumstances such as:

  • Name Badges at meetings, conventions and other gatherings

  • Shipping Labels

  • Medical & Surgical Applications

  • Quality sign off in manufacturing


Besides choosing the correct adhesive for the application, the other two main factors are labels material surface and imprinting instrument.  Normally matte, smooth surfaces accept handwriting much better than gloss materials, vinyls, polyesters and laminated labels.  In addition, the ink will dry much faster on these matte types of label surfaces.  Second is the writing instrument you are using.  Pencils will write OK on matte surfaces but be hard to read.  Gel Pens are the worst when it comes to writing as they smear quickly and do not dry well.  

The best writing instrument?  Sharpies!  They will write on almost any surface and dry fairly fast, though matte surfaces are still the best label surface.  When creating a label you need to write on, consider these factors in choosing the correct material or just ask the label experts at Eagle!