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Time-Release Marketing


Time Release Marketing is CALENDARS!

Yes, calendars!

“What?” you ask?  Calendars?  But think about it… in every office, everyone has a calendar on their office desks and walls.  At home, calendars areon refrigerators, kids bedroom walls, home offices, kitchen wall and any place else people hang them. 


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 Before we go any further, let’s just start with the facts:

  • When surveyed, 92% of recipients would keep an advertising calendar.

  • 82% enjoy receiving calendars as complimentary gifts.

  • 74% of recipients remember the name and the company that gave them a calendar.

  • 48% had a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a calendar.

  • 41% of recipients had referred somebody else to the company that gave them a calendar.

  • 70% plan to do business with the company that gave them a calendar. 

For just pennies a day, your ad will be displayed in the homes/offices/places of business of your customers for an entire year. Nothing beats the value and effectiveness of calendar advertising!

Better yet, you can change the marketing message every month, highlighting a different product or service, showing a monthly special, educating your client at specific times of the year to perform certain actions within your filed of expertise like planting tree, preparing taxes, building gardens, vacations, kids camps, educational opportunities and everything you can think of. 

Calendars are a great opportunity for:

  • Landscaping Services

  • Garden Centers, services and products

  • Accountant

  • Auto Repair Shops

  • Dry Cleaners

  • House Cleaners

  • Taxi Companies

  • Banks & Credit Unions

  • Schools

  • Financial Planners

  • Travel Agents

  • Sports Teams

  • and the list goes on and on

The functionality and visual appeal of calendars creates a marketing and branding IMPACT every day, every month, all year long.  Calendars are viewed as a thoughtful gift; and much more than just “another ad”. When a customer or client displays your calendar, it’s a personal recommendation of your brand.  Remind your customers every day of the year that you are there for them.

Here are some reasons to include calendars in your marketing mix:

  • Visual appeal for your brand

  • Displayed in high profile areas

  • Controlled, targeted distribution

  • Remarkable cost-effectiveness

  • Creative design to fit your brand

  • Year-long high-frequency visibility

  • High perceived value, especially when given as a gift

  • Useful for personal record-keeping

  • Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars

  • Versatile styles, colors, formats and designs

 But check it out, you can add even more bang for your buck by using:

  • CUSTOM CALENDARS –   created especially for your business, using photos that you provide, offering endless possibilities!

  • COUPONS –   Encourage repeat business and build loyal customers 12 months a year

  • CUSTOM BACK COVERS –  Offers space for phone numbers, product and service information and more

  • CUSTOM IMAGES –  Add your own images to a stock calendar to create a calendar that appeals to your target audience

  • FEATURE PRODUCTS –  Build your brand awareness by focusing on one product or category each month

  • CUSTOMIZED DATE GRIDS – Add phantom overprints, reminders, slogans and special dates each month

  • PERSONALIZATION Give your calendars a personal touch – add your customer’s name to the ad area



You’re in good company!  Many FORTUNE 500 companies include calendars in the marketing plans.  If it’s good for their business, you know it’s right for yours! They know that calendars are the perfect vehicle to:

  • Introduce new products

  • Recognize employee achievement

  • Commemorate an anniversary

  • Promote health/safety at work and home

  • Distribute business building coupons

 So why are you waiting, let Eagle Print Dynamics show your the myriad of choices that fit you specific marketing needs.  We will bring our special marketing skills to help you get top value and business from you calendar choice.  Huge savings are available the earlier in the year you purchase.  

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