Your Guide to Employee Gifting this Holiday Season

Every day, the success of your business depends upon your valued employees, from entry-level to executives, doing their jobs well. Research shows that employees who feel appreciated are generally more productive, engaged, and more likely to stay with the same employer—which is of primary importance in these current times, when recruiting and retaining good people […]

Custom and Trending Gift Sets Perfect for the Holidays

Now that fall has arrived, most people are starting to think about their holiday shopping lists for family and friends. In the business world, however, corporate gift-giving brainstorming has already been in progress for several months. How far along are you? With ongoing product shortages and supply-chain issues, the time to select, customize, and order […]

Foster Office Creativity and Culture with Branded Items

Branded merchandise is more valuable than you think—cultivating a positive, thriving, and creative culture is one of many ways you can hire and retain satisfied employees. Branded merchandise is shown to increase morale, bolster productivity, and bring a sense of togetherness. In this post, the Eagle team selects several of its favorite promotional items to […]

Striving for Sustainability with Branded Products

As environmental issues increasingly make headlines, more companies strive to enhance their corporate responsibility by focusing on ethical business, diversity, and sustainability. As a result, a growing number of financial investors base their decisions on an enterprise’s ESG score, which considers numerous environmental, social, and governance performance factors, and ROI (return on investment). Eagle Print […]

The Impact of Custom-Designed Labels

Custom labels will make a significant impact on your marketing and branding. You can achieve powerful impressions using a myriad of processes, all within your budget requirements. Whether labeling food products, healthcare, or Government agencies, custom labels are one of the most effective and inexpensive branding tools available. Eagle’s custom label printing process For the […]

Custom Online Company Stores the Easy Way

For large organizations or complex enterprises with multiple locations, the management of print materials, apparel, and branded items can seem like an entire business on its own! Maintaining adequate inventory, handling reorders, coordinating personalized items, ensuring accuracy, and arranging shipments of high-volume materials on your own tends to be inefficient, time-consuming, costly, error prone, and […]

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